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The company owns advanced production lines, mainly produces DN 110-DN 500 plastic double-wall corrugated pipe and matching pipe fittings suitable for municipal drainage blowdown, electric power, telecommunication cable sheath etc embedded engineering applications, has formed annual production scale of above 10,000 tons.
Product specification:
Nominal outside diameter(mm) Average outside diameter limit deviation Mean inside diameter(mm) Length limit deviation
110 +0.5;-0.6 100 +35
160 +0.5;-09 145 +35
200 +0.7;-1.2 183 +40
250 +0.8;-1.5 228 +40
315 +1.0;-1.8 286 +40
400 +1.2;-2.4 361 +40
500 +1.5;-3.0 440 +40
Technical indexes:
Item Test basis Index
Wica softening temperature℃ GB/T8802 =97
Flatness test GB/T9647 without rupture, crack
Impact strength GB/T14152 TIR≤10%
Ring stiffness test (KN/m2) GB/T9647 =8
Connection point permeability test GB/T6111 without leakage
Methylene chloride dipping resistance GB/T13526 no change on the surface
Oven test GB/T18477 inside and outside wall should not laminates, without cracking
Hydraulic test GB/T6111 0.8MPakeep pressure for 1h without rupture, infiltration
Ring flexibility GB/T9647 test sample should be smooth, without contraflexure, rupture, no separation of two walls
Main purpose:
í˝Municipal works residential subzone
í˝Underground in-built drainage, blowdown piping
í˝High voltage cable sheath
í˝High speed pipe pre-embedded by the company
í˝Farmland water conservancy irrigation, water transfer, draining
í˝Chemical engineering, mine for fluid transport etc
Novel structure and high strength Flexible interface strong
non-uniform settling resistance、leakage-proof
Rubber ring bell socket connection Convenient construction, reliable quality
Light weight, short time limit
for a project, convenient handling, installation
Internal working pressure
up to≥0.2MPa
Comprehensive manufacturing
cost is lower than traditional pipe
Resist corrosion of acid alkali
etc most media
Smooth inwall, large flow,
fouling proof in the pipe
Long service life

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