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Model CCSY 101 automobile travel recording instrument
  Model CCSY 101automobile travel recorder is a high-tech product newly launched by Sanyou Holding Group Co., Ltd.. This product has already passed Automobile Travel Recording Instrument test according to national standard at Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision & Test Center of the Ministry of Public Security. It adopts large scale integrated circuit, microprocessor, international leading USB main control interface, RS 232CD type nine-pin serial print interface, EEPROM memory.
  Photoelectric coupling signal interface, power supply monitoring and protective circuit, DC /DC isolation type switching power supply etc technologies effectively overcome motor vehicle influence on the work of recording instrument due to power supply voltage fluctuation and ignition system interference, performance is excellent and steady.
  Product record, storage, acquisition capacity
¡¤Continuously record travel status data and corresponding driver within 360 hours with time
   interval of no more than one minute;
¡¤Record average driving speed, fatigue driving record and corresponding driver within 15
   minutes before stop;
¡¤Record and store detailed driver overspeed driving and fatigue driving condition within 360
¡¤Continuously record and store travel status data within 60 s before stop with time interval of
   0.2 s: speed, time, driver and doubtful points for accident (e.g. brake, loudspeaker, headlight,
   small light, left turning, right turning, ignition switch, door switch etc);
¡¤Record and store daily collected travel data within one year;
¡¤Data acquisition may gather all the above-mentioned data at one time;, and may perform
   simultaneous acquisition of all above data for 120 vehicles;
¡¤After power-off, the above-mentioned data may be stored for above 10 years.
  Main technical indexes
¡¤Record vehicle speed range: 0- 254 km/h, mph display resolution: 0.1 km/h;
¡¤Vehicle speed error ¡Ü¡À1%;
¡¤Max. mph setting range: 0-220km/h, max. mph display range: 0-255km/h;
¡¤Display and record total accumulated travel range: 0-999999.9km, accumulated travel error
¡¤Clock error ¡Ü¡À0.5s/d, clock resolution 1s;
¡¤Working environment: normal working temperature -35¡æ¡«85¡æ, relative humidity for normal
   work 5%-95%;
¡¤Supply voltage: DC8V-DC110V
¡¤Average working current ¡Ü0.1A;
¡¤Recording time: 24 hours real time recording and storage;
¡¤Permissible error of daily accumulated time: -0.1 % - + 0.5 %;
¡¤External dimensions: 110MM¡Á90MM¡Á42MM.
  Main function of the product
¡¤Total mileage synchronous travel record
¡¤Overspeed, overtime reminding, supervision function: when driver drives at overspeed,
   overtime (fatigue drive), recording instrument will give out caution reminding automatically, at
¡¤the same time, Let passengers supervise driver's driving behavior.
¡¤Driver identification
¡¤Quick, visualized accident reappearance, analysis function
¡¤Quick convenient road inspection function, our company adopts handheld POS machine, which
   is small and portable, to realize managerial personnel's objective requirement of road
   inspection at any moment abroad
¡¤Robber wanted function for pilfered vehicle, by dint of our company's handheld POS machine,
   discrimination of pilfered vehicle may be realized
¡¤Powerful and perfect enterprise internal operation management function
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